I am posting today with some news from Morris East.

The original Morris East restaurant, located at 5212 Morris Street, has been sold to Jay Shah and Hirek Patel on 2nd June who will now operate the restaurant as Wow Wood-Fired Pizza.

This does not affect the other two locations of Morris East at 1984 Vernon Street and 620 Nine Mile Drive (Larry Uteck Blvd), which remain under my ownership and which will continue to offer great artisanal pizzas, an extended pasta menu, and much more.

I would like to congratulate Jay, Hirak and Naresh and wish them well as they create their own vision for the Morris Street location. They have successfully operated many food businesses all over Canada. Together they have 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

On a personal note, I want to tell you much I have appreciated your support at this location and how much I’ve enjoyed growing my restaurant group from this special space on Morris Street. I opened Morris East 14 years ago when I purchased an authentic wood-burning oven from Italy and started making gourmet pizzas. My expansion of the Morris East brand to three locations could never have happened without the support of wonderful customers like you, the amazing staff whose hard work and personal contributions made it easier for me, and the dedicated suppliers who helped build our restaurant’s reputation.

I am excited for the future opportunities in food and beverage for everyone in our industry. Thanks for being a supporter of Morris East on this journey!

Yours sincerely
Jennie Dobbs